Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


All Payments made to: Ardita FF


Major Dutch cards accepted. Card must be registered at invoice address.

Cards are debited at the moment the order is placed and accepted. Your card will be invoiced in the name “Ardita FF”, and a third party service provider.

This service will be able soon for all EU banc cards.


Payment must be made immediately after order placed. In the event we have not received cleared payment within 48 hours of order transaction, your order will not be accepted onto our system.

Bank Transfer by prior arrangement.

Payment must be made by close of Banking within 48 hours after order is placed.

Payment should be made with reference to order nr. Onto our account:

Ardita FF

IBAN nr: NL90ABNA0427658748

Swift-Code: ABNANL2A


For orders a 50% payment should be made upon order confirmation. Remaining 50% before shipment.

For consignment articles the retailer wil send a monthly list of the sold items in that month and the invoice should be payed within one week from receiving the subsequent invoice.

For more terms and conditions about wholesale please contact us at info@arditaff.com


Dispatch is normally within four weeks.

Take in mind al our products are hand made and we don’t keep items in stock. But we have al colors of latex sheet in stock which allows us to start immediately on any order without having to wait.


The system cannot add to existing orders. Please make a new order and and state the previous order nr. With the additional information. If still possible we will send everything together and refund the shipping cost from the last order.


Colours on screen can vary from the real colour. We are not responsible for differences with the colour as displayed on screen and do not refund for colour reasons.


Exchanges or refunds on returned goods are only accepted if they are carefully repacked in original packaging before being returned and are still in a new condition, not odorous, creased or worn.

All exchanges must include postage unless there is a proven fault in manufacture, in which case postage to us will be refunded and replacement item sent free of carriage charges. All goods are inspected prior to dispatch to mitigate such a situation.

For obvious reasons of hygiene, we do not accept the return of items of an intimate nature unless they show signs of a fault in manufacture as described above.

Please ensure you place tissue paper between the latex and any metal fastenings or buttons to avoid any possibility of staining. Any goods not wrapped as such and suffering from consequential staining can not be accepted as a return.

We cannot accept goods returned later than 10 working days (EU) and 21 working days (elsewhere) from date of dispatch to you.

Exchanges, returns or refunds for custom order items are not possible unless there is a proven fault in manufacturing. We are not responsible for the correctness of measures provided by the customers. If you want to be certain the measures are correct you can make an appointment to get your measures taken.


If returning goods from overseas, please ensure you state clearly on the packaging that goods are being returned for exchange or refund, otherwise customs duty becomes liable.

We will refuse any parcels that have had this charge added. The parcel will either be returned to you by relevant courier, or disposed of as they see fit. We do not accept any responsibility for parcels incorrectly returned to us.


For custom size orders we ad a 20% surcharge for custome size orders.

To Download the custom size form click here.


Our Latex Garments are produced from Natural Rubber Latex as opposed to butyl – or petroleum-based synthetic rubbers.

Natural rubber latex (NRL) is a milky fluid obtained from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. NRL is an integral part of thousands of everyday consumer and healthcare items.

The proteins contained with NRL can cause allergic reactions to Latex. More than 40,000 products used in homes, schools and medical settings contain latex, including common items such as: condoms, rubber bands, balloons, carpet backing, surgical and examination gloves, clothing elastic, toys, sink mats, foam pillows, anesthesia equipment, IV catheters, elastic bandages, adhesive tape, electrode pads, etc. ? ?People who are allergic to latex may also react to banana, avocado, kiwi fruit, chestnut, plum, peach, cherry, apricot, fig, papaya, tomato, potato and some other plant foods. The list is still growing. The reason is that these plants contain proteins, which are similar enough to latex proteins to react with our allergy-producing antibodies to latex.

Latex allergy, or hypersensitivity, occurs when the body’s immune system reacts to proteins found in NRL. Some individuals have specific antibodies, called IgE antibodies, that make them hypersensitive to the proteins in NRL. IgE-mediated reactions to latex proteins are responsible for most, and for the most severe allergic reactions to latex. ? ?The onus is on you the consumer to ensure that you do not have this problem prior to making purchase.